Tregear Award

The Tregear Award was established in honour of Geoff Tregear – a father figure to the peptide chemistry community in Australia. Geoff established the first laboratory of Peptide and Protein Chemistry at the Howard Florey Institute in Melbourne in 1975, followed by a long and productive career investigating the chemistry and biology of the ovarian peptide relaxin.
He has always been a great supporter of Australia’s young scientists – leading by example in perseverance, scientific curiosity and integrity, as well as being proactive in organising meetings and fostering collaborations in the Asia-Pacific region. It is thus fitting that the Tregear Award specifically recognises the achievement of Early Career Scientists in the field of Peptide Science from Australia/New Zealand or working in Australia/New Zealand.
The Inaugural Award was presented at the 10th Australian Peptide Conference in 2013, and will continue to be presented at the biannual meetings.

Past Award Winners

2019 Christina Schroeder 
University of Queensland 

2017 Mehdi Mobli
University of Queensland 

2015 Deborah Hay 
University of Auckland 

2013 Richard Payne
University of Sydney 













Information for Future Applicants:

What is the Tregear Award?
The Tregear Award is awarded by the Australian Peptide Association for outstanding research in the field of peptide chemistry and biology and underpinning technologies. This award is made biannually at the Australian Peptide Conference at which the awardee will present a lecture on their work and be presented with a certificate and AUD $2000 to help defray expenses for attending the meeting. The next meeting will be held in Brisbane, QLD, 29 Aug - 3 September 2021.

Who is eligible to apply?
The award is open to all early career (15 years or less from award of their PhD thesis) peptide scientists working in Australia or New Zealand, or Australian or New Zealand residents working in the peptide field overseas. They must attend the conference. Allowances will be made for career disruptions.

How do I apply?
Applications for the award must be made by the deadline (TBA) to the co-chair, Associate Professor Jackie Wilce (, and must include the following information:

  • Name of candidate

  • Evidence of PhD award date

  • Curriculum vitae of candidate including published research papers, research grants, promotions, honours and any other material relevant to the nomination

  • Concise statement of the candidate’s contribution to the field of peptide science and their vision for their future research – supporting publications should be highlighted

  • Names of two referees with detailed knowledge of the candidate’s contributions to the field.